Sm-ART Youth Project 2.0 2018-2021

Partnering Organization

The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection (AFTEC)

Project Period

Sep 2018 – Aug 2021

Target Group

80 students in P3 to P4

  • St Bonaventure Catholic Primary School
  • Ma On Shan St Joseph Primary School
  • The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad Primary School
  • C & M A Sun Kei Primary School (Ping Shek)

What is Sm-ART 2.0?

Sm-ART Youth is an arts-in-education programme that uses the arts for critical and personal transformation.

This enhanced version of Sm-ART Youth 2.0 focuses on the strongest elements of Sm-ART Youth, i.e. the cultural days, the reflective journals and the art volunteers. Through the arts, students and teachers are given a different space and place required to think and feel, not simply take instructions and reproduce. The programme expands to 80 primary school students from 4 primary schools with under-privileged backgrounds for 20 weekly classes and 4 Cultural Days per year.

Led by AFTEC’s founder Ms Lynn Yau and Dr Priscila Chu, the weekly music and drama classes are organized with adult and youth volunteers and MA trainees from HKU.

Sm-ART Youth Documentary

Visual Diary 1: Sm-ART Youth Graduates

Visual Diary 2: Trainees

Visual Diary 3: Volunteers

Visual Diary 4: Year end


  • Develop self-confidence and teamwork
  • Nurture a questioning mind
  • Welcome inclusivity
  • Understand the self and beyond
  • Locate meaning in their young lives 

Quantitative and qualitative data will be collected through the reflective journals of students, interviews with parents, teachers, art educators, and volunteers to assess the impact of the programme on children’s educational, personal, social and aesthetic development.

Graduation Online Showcase