Partnering Organization

Music Children Foundation

Project period

June 2020 – Dec 2021

Target group

Children aged 2-12 and their parents; schools and NGOs


Arran Street Centre, Kowloon


How it works

The U-BOX@Arran is an interactive installation which shares the beauty of music in different art forms, enabling participants to experience through their senses.

Project components

There are three activity rooms in the facility – Art & Music Gallery, Sensory Tunnel, and Immersive Music Lab – participants are immersed in a multi-sensory experience that brings art and music in life.


The U-BOX@Arran will offer a positive and happy experience for children and other young visitors alike. The immersive and interactive journey will be beneficial to the children’s development in cognition, social-emotional competence, locomotion, and literacy.

Why U-BOX@Arran?

Young children learn best in a fun environment and they are particularly receptive towards first impressions and experiences.

The playful elements of U-BOX will be a fun place for children to relax, enjoy and explore themselves; a place to enjoy arts and music; and to engage as a family.